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Residential Tenant’s Guide

Whether you’re planning to make the big move into your first home or trying to find a contemporary yet spacious place if you have just moved to Dubai, we at La Capitale can assist you with all.

We always put ourselves in your shoes – to make the process of renting property in Dubai as convenient, easy & stress-free as possible.

Our Realtors will help you through whole process from viewing to seeking out the best property, dealing with landlords, negotiating a fair price, RERA approved tenancy contracts, payments to moving in to your new home

Our friendly RERA registered brokers are all specialists in their dedicated areas, which enables our clients to know the heartbeat of community. Whether it’s the school bus timing or its free home delivery grocery; we know it all

As our client, you’ll receive step-by-step guidance on the whole rental process, including documents; your legal rights; renewal process; government rules; Move-In permit; Empower; DEWA; Move-out policy; etc.

We know; referrals is an important part of our business, it helps us grow; that’s why we value every client.

We have provided a simple step by step procedure to give you a basic understanding so you can be one step ahead; ensuring you are in control of situation.

Once you have all the documents in place and you have liked a property; please follow below steps to ensure you have everything in line and you get your rights

Step 1 – Decide the Starting date of contract with your Realtor and ensure property owner agrees to it.
Step 2 – Check if the property is managed by Agency or Agency is only intermediator.
Step 3 – If Company is ONLY intermediator
Step 3 – If Company is NOT intermediator
Step 4 – Inspecting the property with Agency representative
Step 5 – Drafting the “Tenancy Contract”
Step 6 – Signing of “Tenancy Contract”.
Step 7 – Registering Tenancy contract with EJARI Services.
Step 8 – Connecting DEWA & other services.
Step 9 – Property Handover.

For any dispute in renewal / maintenance / immediate eviction notice Government of Dubai has made rental disputes centre.

For more information, you can visit Dubai Government Rental Dispute Centre Page OR call 800 4488.

For Current Rent Price Index Please Visit RERA Calculator.

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